The Center for Design and Geopolitics is a public-facing think tank focusing on the impacts of planetary scale computation on issues of governance, policy, aesthetics, and sustainable democratic social and economic networks.

In addition to our core research, we work directly with public institutions and private parties interested in better understanding their role in a changing world.

Our expertise is in capturing and articulating the big picture and making it a platform for organizational transformation. As the consulting instrument of D:GP's pure research initiative we have no off-the-shelf solutions and templated formulas. Instead we employ a wide-ranging expertise in many strategic, scientific, and cultural methodologies not only to develop new answers but to ask more probing, less conventional questions than other consultants can or will.

As part of one the California Institutes for Science and Innovation, D:GP has as its mandate “California as a design problem.” But the implications of this extend well beyond our borders, and indeed we work with clients from all over the world who are invested in problems that may be local in scope, but global in significance.

  • Scenario planning
  • Strength, weakness, opportunities, threat analyses
  • Innovation track development
  • Advanced technologies workshops
  • Strategic alignment
  • Systems design