Design Research Consortium

D:GP Design Research Consortium is comprised of academic, public and private sector researchers, designers and policy-makers. It is organized around parallel long-term research tracks exploring the use of the advanced technologies at Calit2.

Within each track, we focus on a specific critical opportunity for intervention and invention.  We host international conferences, symposia, scenario planning, extended workshops, as well as direct observation and data-gathering, design ideation and prototyping, and policy modeling programs. Drawing on multiple institutions’ core research in ICT, cyberinfrastructure, and social systems design, the D:GP consortiums work to identify and scale existing solutions as well as generate and deploy strategies at a state-level scale.

The D:GP leadership develops core design research briefs that guide the work of the consortium. We draw upon and participate directly in many different active theoretical debates, particularly in the sociological theory of technology, including actor-network theory, assemblage theory, ecological economic theory, cosmopolitan and post-cosmopolitan political theory, as well as emergent interdisciplinary design theory that draws upon architectural, industrial, urban, interaction and systems design.

Our industry partners support the D:GP Design Research Consortium with direct financial sponsorship, in-kind support and direct staff collaboration on joint projects. Our academic partners participate in the D:GP Design Research Consortium with joint courses, shared faculty resources, and multi-institutional research initiatives.

The ongoing results of each research track are closely edited into an open catalogue of interventions and inventions, organized by site and strategy. These range in scale from the infrastructural to the individual, and each is considered with equal care. Many are developed as models and prototypes, some are programmed as alpha version software and hardware, and others are developed as detailed schematics.

For more information on the D:GP D.R.C and how your organization can participate please send a short letter of introduction to:

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