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Hyperbolic Cosmograms are Go

CAIDA is the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis based at UCSD, and for many years a tremendous resource in the deeply fascinating world of internet cartography. We recently attended a lecture by CAIDA’s Dmitri Krioukov whose paper, “Sustaining the Future of the Internet with Hyperbolic Mapping” has been influential well outside presumed disciplinary partitions. The abstract captures some of what is at stake in this novel approach to conceiving internet territoriality. Continue reading

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Adaptation on the Roof of the World

At 11,500 ft, between the Himalayas and the Karakoram, the city of Leh is Ladakhʼs commercial and government hub and home to more than 30,000 people (about a quarter of the regionʼs total) who trace their ancestry through the Silk Route. The high-altitude desert landscape is also home to a unique ecosystem, with 13 animal species indigenous to the region including the rare Ladakh Urial and the endangered Snow Leopard. Both human and natural systems are in the front line of rapid environmental and socioeconomic change. Continue reading

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