About Calit2

Calit2 (California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology)

“CALIT2 represents a new mechanism to address large-scale societal issues by bringing together multidisciplinary teams of the best minds.” —Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2

D:GP is headquartered at the UC's California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Opened in 2006, CALIT2 is one of four Institutes of Science and Innovation, and focuses on interdisciplinary research in information, telecommunication and computing technologies.

Key research platforms include cyberinfrastrucure, Green ICT, supercomputing applications, cloud computing platforms, smart transportation, optiputer architectures, computational meta-genomics, biological microelectronics and mechanical systems, machine perception, nano-engineering, information and network theory, photonics and ultrafast wireless communication.

Calit2 is located in two complexes, one on the campus of UC San Diego and the other at UC Irvine. Our facilities include a 4k (4XHD) theater with optical data networking for global multicasting, StarCAVE room-size immersive display, HiPerWall half-gigapixel addressable matrix display system, nano-engineering and fabrication clean rooms, dedicated local area ultrafast wireless testing, and several globally distributed optiputer nodes and systems.

Increasingly, even in the most largest companies, core research and development is being eliminated. Real R&D that asks difficult questions, spends sufficient time and resources to model answers to them, is just too risky and too expensive to survive the budgetary processes. And yet, in the long run, it is the economies that can solve the innovator's dilemma on a policy level and that can bring core technologies to public service that will thrive as vendors and innovators of emergent technologies.

Part of the solution to this dilemma is world-class public R&D. Publicly funded, public focused, publicly accountable. To develop direct scalable knowledge bases from which industries large and small can develop inventions and services becomes the seedbed from which common wealth can grow.

Toward this Calit2 represents an experiment in inventing the university research environment of the future to continue to fuel innovation in the global economy. It Builds horizontal links among departments to foster multidisciplinary studies, by creating research teams consisting of members who can be located anywhere because of the Internet, by supporting involvement by faculty, students, industry, government, and community partners, by enabling prototyping in Calit2 \'living laboratories, and by providing technical professionals as the bridge between academia and industry

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